Downtown Houston High-Rise Moving

Are you moving in or out of a high rise in downtown Houston?

Our city is growing! The Houston sky line has started to fill up and look more like NY these days. It is so exiting to see Houston’s downtown area changing and becoming a thriving metropolis and this means that downtown Houston high-rise moving is becoming more common.

As a local Houston moving company that works often in this growing area we have gathered some feedback from the field to help you pass moving day downtown faster, smoother and more efficiently.


Make sure to reserve parking for the moving truck if necessary. Not all buildings downtown have a loading zone inside the parking structure, so if the moving truck needs to park outside on the street you want it to be able to park as close as possible to the entrance in a legal spot where the movers can load or unload without wasting time walking down the block and most importantly, without getting a ticket!


Reserve the freight elevator for the full amount of time that your Houston mover is expecting to load or unload. Ask the building maintenance to lock the elevator for your mover’s use during the entire estimated time of your move to avoid costly delays caused by waiting for the elevator or having to share with another building contractor.


Some of the newer buildings require an insurance certificate from your mover – be sure to request this in advance and provide all of the building’s requirements to your Houston movers to avoid any delays or problems on move day.

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